Standard (A2 only) Posters

Our high quality A2 posters are great value in large quantities but you can also order as little as one copy. Choose from single or double sided print and three different paper weights on our premium uncoated paper. You can also opt for matt or gloss lamination. Our standard posters are printed using the latest roll feed digital machines, meaning you are not held back by minimum quantities or set up charges. Posters are perfect for any advertising, POS, exhibitions or retail displays. All digital prints are at low trade prices.

£poa for 10 A2 Posters
full colour one sided - 250gsm - silk paper - matt lamination - delivered in 4  working days 
Ensure artwork is 300dpi CMYK with crop and bleed marks
  Need different quantities or specifications?
Use our contact page or just give us a call on 01495 750 143...
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